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Don’t take our word for it and see what our customers have to say about us…




Don’t take our word for it and see what our customers have to say about us…

“ultrHA really transformed our home into a smart home…”

 We didn’t know what to expect at first but my wife and I were very impressed with the free consultation. They really tried to address our specific needs instead of trying to sell us gear and stuff nobody really needs or uses to be able to claim cool smart home technology in the home.

For us, it was all about convenience and comfort while being secure. Being able to integrate my stand-alone cameras and my stand-alone alarm system into a home automation system, while adding lighting and door lock security was a huge benefit.

Adding then voice control on top of this was the icing on the cake.

John D (ultrHA customer since 2014)

“ultrHA gave me voice control over my home…”

 I wasn’t interested in all the fancy latest technologies. For me it was about having a secure home without having to give keys to my neighbors, being able to check if my garage door is closed from anywhere in the world (even if I just left to the airport in my car wondering if I closed it or not) and the lighting ambiance in my home.

The ADT Alarm system adding up high monthly costs, having different remotes for different lights in the home (kitchen cabinets, windows, bar, stairs, vitrines and hallway) and having my home talk to me via the Sonos speakers e.g. if my garage door is open or not or if my alarm system is armed or not, while being able to play my favorite songs was all what I needed. 

Tammy W (ultrHA customer since 2016)

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