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Smart Starter Voice Package


This package includes an Alexa so you will have voice control of your home. You can give commands to turn on and off your like your television, game console, lights, outlets and change your thermostat. You will also be able to dim and set moods with your lights with just the command of your voice. It’s all in the ultrHA Smart Start Voice Package!


Warranty: 30 Days


  • 1 HomeTroller Zee S2 hub controller
  • 1 Amazon Alexa
  • 4¬†wireless dimmer switches
  • 4 wireless electric plug¬†recepticals
  • 1 lamp dimmer module
  • 1 Nest thermostat
  • 4 color smart bulbs
  • 1 Z-Wave power strip
  • 1 Harmony hub

If you get started with all of these goodies, you won’t be able to help but want more. This is a great package if you want to dip your toes in the smart home waters before diving in.



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