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Smart Starter Basic Package


Our Smart Start Basic Package Include the following smart devices.

  • 1 HomeTroller Zee S2 Hub Controller
  • 2 wireless Dimmer Switches
  • 2 Wireless Electric Plug Outlets
  • 1 Lamp Dimmer Module
  • 1 Ecobee3 or Nest Learning Thermostat
  • 4 Phillips Hue or Lifx Color Smart Bulbs
  • 1 Z-Wave Power Strip


Warranty: 30 Days


This is the first bundle across many bundles. It’s basic and wonderful if you want to get your toes wet in home automation. It comes with a starter smart hub, smart outlets and dimmable light switches, as well as a dimmer for your lamp. You also get color smart bulbs and a smart thermostat. All of the items in this package can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet at home or remotely.  This package can be nicely built upon by adding other products when you’re ready.




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