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Smart Renter’s Package


Warranty: 30 Days


This is the first bundle across many bundles which includes Voice Control. Everything in this package is removable. If you leave you can take it with you, and you don’t compromise your lease with permanent fixtures.  Control your colorful and dimmable lights with your choice of either Hue or Lifx smart bulbs. Our smart removable outlets will allow you to turn them on or off controlling whatever is plugged into them.

We also know that renters aren’t the only ones with a copy of their key, so we’ve added a door sensor to address the need for security. Know if your landlord, the maintenance worker or anyone comes through your door. You will be alerted on your smartphone immediately. We also have window sensors that can be added on to this package for people living at ground level.

Let’s not fail to mention the elephant in the room.  Amazon’s Alexa will not only give you the power to command your smart devices, but also recipes, news, weather, order pizza and really she can answer just about any random question that you decide to ask. She even tells jokes!

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