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Aeotec Z-Wave Smart Switch 6, Gen5


Whatever you plug into this removable smart plug is yours to control with your smartphone or tablet. Add Alexa and you make the magic happen with your voice. Colorful and cute. Everyone smart home should have a few of these.

Warranty: 30 Days

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  • Save on what you spend.

    Smart Switch 6 has world-class energy monitoring technology built right in. In real-time it can understand how much electricity your devices are using and let you know.

    It does that via the Aeotec LED Ring. 16 million colours of light are used to visually communicate how much electricity is being used.

    aeon labs smart switch 6 LED color / Energy usage indication


    No colours.A fan of the dark? Smart Switch 6’s LED Ring can be configured to be permanently turned off. Let there be no light.


    2 colours.As electricity-use data is also displayed on your gateway, the Aeotec LED ring can be reconfigured into a simple 2 colour mode: blue when your device is on, white when it’s off.


    16 million colours.The Aeotec LED Ring is powered by 16 million different colours. That’s 16 million ways for us to help you cut down on how much you’re spending.

  • Wireless on/off appliance control with real time energy monitoring
  • 84% smaller than the first edition and 43% smaller than smart switch GEN5
  • USB port to charge your smartphone or tablet
  • Secure encrypted wireless technology
  • Z-wave certification Number:zc10-15050012

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